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What is Palm Rejection? A Beginner’s Guide to Palm Rejection

by Enticio Handwear on
What is Palm Rejection? A Beginner’s Guide to Palm Rejection

Nowadays, the ability to write on a touchscreen like it's a sketchpad is taken for granted by the average person. For the most part, stylus recognition is so good that one can craft amazing text and images on everything from an iPad to a Microsoft Surface with few snags. Unfortunately, the intractable problem of unintended skin contact with touchscreens continues to cause significant, unwanted complications.

palm rejection for Ipad - ipad and stylus on a table

What Is Palm Rejection?

Palm rejection is the ability of a device like a tablet to differentiate between a stylus or a fingertip and a palm or a wrist, effectively “rejecting” unwanted contact. A device and its software employ a variety of advanced algorithms to figure out which inputs are intended by the user. Under the best of circumstances, users are rewarded with a consistent digital experience that's nearly identical to its analog equivalent.

How Palm Rejection Typically Works

There are primarily two technologies that touchscreens use to detect contact: inductive resonance and capacitive current detection. A touchscreen stylus relies on inductive resonance to detect pressure and translate it into brush strokes. On the flip side, touchscreens use capacitive sensing to detect pressure applied by a human finger. Paired with the right software, a decent touchscreen can use both technologies simultaneously to make digital writing a dream.

Why Software Alone Can't Deliver Perfect Palm Rejection

Ultimately, palm rejection is the end result of sophisticated algorithms that are designed to make educated guesses (since mindreading is not a thing). Generally speaking, those algorithms do a good job of rejection, making sure that only intended finger or stylus strokes are recorded. However, there's no such thing as a flawless algorithm and sooner or later, that errant palm will fool the code and wreak havoc on your work; having to go back and fix these mistakes will cost you - one way or another

The benefits of palm rejection

Top Five Benefits of Reliable Palm Rejection

If you spend a lot of time writing or drawing on your touchscreen with a stylus or even your finger, palm rejection offers a number of compelling upsides.

1. Reduced Wrist and Elbow Strain

The magic of algorithm-based palm rejection allows tablet and laptop users to write naturally for the most part, but you often end up contorting your arm in an unnatural fashion to avoid unintentional contact with the screen. Joint pain is a likely outcome and it doesn’t always work. People who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome can greatly benefit from this innovative technology so long as the software accurately rejects that unwanted input.

2. Superior Results on the Digital Page

It's hard to focus on the task at hand if you're worried about palm impressions interfering with your writing or sketching; it is an unnecessary distraction that is always there. What's more, having to stop and correct mistakes caused by ineffective palm rejection is bound to impact the final product, especially, if you don’t notice it when it happens. If you don't like the idea of out-of-place line fragments, random marks where they don't belong or writing recognition, palm rejection is the solution to your problems.

3. Quicker Turnaround Times on Projects

It should go without saying that having to stop and correct mistakes from time to time will seriously impact workflow throughout the day. Whether you're a graphic artist, architect or other professional, palm rejection will ensure that you make the most of your time on the job. Besides saving you a ton of time, palm rejection will also boost your bottom line by making you more efficient and productive.

4. Enhanced Touchscreen Longevity

Even the best touchscreens found on first-tier tablets like the iPad and the Galaxy Tab S have a finite lifespan. Most of them have oleophobic coatings to help with glare and accumulations of oil and dirt, but at a certain point, all of those styli and finger strokes will cause a touchscreen to malfunction or fail entirely. If you plan on hanging onto your tablet for the long haul, solving the palm rejection problem by using a protective device will delay the inevitable as far as hardware failure is concerned.

5. A More Enjoyable User Experience

What is palm rejection if not a technological approach to making the touchscreen writing and sketching experience as natural and stress-free as possible? Palm rejection is an essential technology if you want to use your touchscreen without tearing your hair out at some point. Less stress on the job and at home while using your touchscreen will translate into improved mental health and well-being.

Using a palm rejection glove - palm rejection beginner's guide

Alternatives to Software-Based Palm Rejection

Even the best palm rejection algorithms can't deliver flawless performance 100% of the time. That's why passive physical barriers that keep your palm and wrist from touching the screen are a good investment. Professionals all over the world, know that digital art gloves and Palm Coasters are simple, cost-effective accessories that take palm rejection to the next level. What's more, gloves and coasters help preserve and maintain your technology investment by keeping your beloved touchscreen free of oil, grime and unsightly prints.

Looking for quality? Check out our palm rejection gloves

What to Look for in Palm Rejection Accessories

A good palm rejection glove has a few key qualities to look for; here are just a few examples. Since it is a device that is worn, it needs to be comfortable. A glove should be made from a soft, resilient material that has the right thickness, balanced against the ability to stretch and breathe. However, when fabric stretches, it gets thinner and this will cause it to fail. Furthermore, palm rejection glove designs should use breathable fabrics in such a way as to transport air for cooling and prevent skin irritation. A Palm Coaster is a unique alternative to a glove in that it eliminates many of the issues with gloves, while providing most of the benefits - boasting a surface material that's soft yet easy to clean.

The Perfect Solution to Unintended Touchscreen Contact

If you're going to invest in palm rejection accessories, it makes sense to get the best gear available. At Enticio, we've always believed that palm rejection gloves and coasters can look amazing and deliver superior performance at the same time. Our fashionable palm rejection accessories are built to professional standards, and the only glove with a fully-executed adjustable strap for a perfect fit. Our features, designs and style put Enticio products in a class by themselves and worthy of your ownership and investment.

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