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The World's First Designer Artist Glove For Touch Surfaces



The World's First Designer Artist Glove For Touch Surfaces


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The World's First Designer Artist Glove For Touch Surfaces

We do love our tablets and phones. Enticio Fashion Instruments are an essential part of keeping all your devices clean and working like new. Our products look beautiful, give you Perfect Palm Rejection and clean as you use them, all while featuring an easy to use, adjustable strap for a Perfect Fit and
All-Day Comfort.

Do you want to improve your Tech Hygiene? Enticio Products Promote Good Health through an Oil and Dirt-Free Lifestyle for You and your Digital Devices. For anything that requires Touch, You will Love the Superior Control you get from comfortably resting your hand on a clean, stable surface.

COVID-19: The CDC recommends regular washing with soap and water and while your device may not be washable - all Enticio Products are.

The Enticio Way

Here we are, just getting to know each other, but we do want to make a Good Impression, so we'll go first.

We could tell you about how each Product is Years in the Making before it ever sees the light of day - how we Fret and Sweat every Detail, Inventing and Refining until it's Perfect. We could go on about how we Design every Fashion Instrument to last until you manage to wear it out or how you will come to treasure its' spirit and character but that would mean nothing until you Hold it in Your Hand and Feel it against Your Skin.

What we can say is that every Enticio product will be the very best you will find... anywhere. And in most cases, it will be exclusive with us and with you. That is our way, the Enticio way; so if unique and extraordinary sound good to you, then say, "Yes" to Enticio.

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