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10 Reasons to Use Gloves For Art, Design & Illustration

by Enticio Handwear on
10 Reasons to Use Gloves For Art, Design & Illustration

Gloves for art, sometimes referred to as anti-fouling gloves, are designed to help reduce unwanted artifacts as you create. And while this problem can trace its origins to traditional media, we didn’t leave that problem behind when moving to digital media. In this post, we're going to discuss ten reasons why you should consider using a glove and in some cases, only an Enticio glove will do, whether you're working on a digital or traditional art project.

1. Digital Art Projects

Consistency is critical to an artist’s tools, whether it’s canvas, paints & chalks or a digital stylus, Enticio gloves are designed to help provide a more consistent feel when you're drawing so that you can achieve more consistent results. Often, while using a tablet, the palm of your hand will rub against the screen, leaving artifacts that can degrade the piece. This can happen in two ways: first, you might actually leave dirt and oil on the screen, which can be invisible until you hit it with your stylus - then it suddenly skids across in an uncontrollable manner. The other way is that the software actually detects the palm of your hand instead of the stylus making digital marks that you never intended to leave behind. Manufacturers address this problem by trying to reject contact with the palm of the hand, but after twenty years, it's still there. This is known as palm rejection and the industry's failure to solve the problem is a serious issue. At best, it simply wastes your time as you have to go back to fix these mistakes. At worst, you don’t notice it at first and it becomes visible later, often after it’s too late to fix. The best solution is to prevent this from happening at all; that’s what Enticio products do.

2. Traditional Art Projects

While you'll deal with palm rejection inconsistencies on a digital tablet, traditional art projects have always had problems with hands leaving a mess on otherwise pristine work. Inevitably, you have to deal with getting smudges all over your paper or other drawing surface; this too, comes in two variations of the same problem. The first is deposits of dirt and oils from the skin; the fibers of art paper just love to absorb all that oil and trap the dirt. However, it’s a two-way street and while you may be rubbing with your finger on purpose as you work, other parts of your hand are also picking up graphite, charcoal, material or inks that mix with the oils on your hand. The simplest solution for that is to have some sort of passive barrier to keep your palm away from the drawing surface and there may be no better option than to use an Enticio glove to keep all that material where you put it and nowhere else.

3. Sweaty Surfaces

Our hands sweat naturally to dissipate heat, however, it’s much worse for digital artists because in addition to the normal amount of heat generated as you burn energy, tablets, with their bright screens and powerful processors start heating up the moment you turn them on and after only about ten minutes use, start to feel downright warm to the touch. Enticio gloves are made from Hapton™, which helps control heat build-up by moving air into, out of, and through the glove as you use it. This “breathing” action helps keep your hand cool and comfortable, which reduces sweating and can also wick away moisture so that your device is protected.

4. Keep Dirt Off

Not only are sticky surfaces an issue, but so are oils, dirt, dust, and food. It’s bad enough when you get something on your screen that you have to wipe off but just like getting something caught in your eye, it’s possible to actually make it worse if you don’t do it right. Dirt is usually just annoying but if there is grit in that dirt then wiping can cause a scratch and you wouldn’t want that in your eye or on your tablet. Getting anything like this on your tablet can permanently damage the surface and that is not going to simply heal.

5. Washable Gloves

We have discussed how Enticio gloves absorb sweat, dirt and oil; well, it has to go somewhere. Normally, the amounts are so small that this is not much of a problem and it is much better that it ends up on the glove instead of your project. This is where the ability to wash your glove can become important; you won't need to replace your glove just because it picked up some dirt and sweat. With regular care, it can last you a long time and the same breathability of the material also helps it dry quickly.

As to the question of how often to wash it, it depends on too many things for there to be one answer. Some people have more oily skin than other people, some artists work in materials that are tough on gloves, some wear it all day and others have very light usage. So, what we can say is that Enticio gloves are designed to last as long as possible, and like any tool you use regularly, you will become aware of what it feels like to work with a glove that works properly. Over time the performance may change for you; we say “may” change because some artists never run into this. However, like anything of quality that is made to last, you do not need to throw it away. Instead, if the performance begins to degrade in any way, you can give it a tune-up which usually brings it back to work like new.

Like a great pair of jeans, some people prefer the fit and feel after a couple of washings. Everyone will have their own opinions, but some people say that, after washing, everything seems to relax and fit even better on the hand.

6. Quality Materials

Did you know that Enticio gloves are made from high-quality materials that will stand the test of time? Our Hapton™ fabric is similar to what is used in some high-end sports apparel and is designed to go far beyond the rigors of a normal work day - up against the skin under the most demanding of situations. In addition, the microfibers and fabrics that we use in our construction are the very best available and they perform extremely well in most work environments. These materials are safe and comfortable for all digital and traditional projects.

7. A Steady Hand

Enticio gloves are designed to cover your pinky and ring fingers; this maximizes the stability you will get when you rest your hand, while keeping two fingers and the thumb free for all your favorite touch gestures! A single finger glove is often not enough; even people who have a bracing style that only brings the pinky finger in contact with the surface tends to work only if the hand doesn’t move. In practice, any changes of posture, any leaning or rolling of the hand almost always brings more of the hand in contact with the surface.

8. Protection is a Two-Way Street

It is no secret that traditional artists work with all manner of physical materials. What is not talked about much is the fact that some of the things we might use can be hazardous with prolonged exposure. Whether you are a glass artist working with lead, or a painter with the latest shade of blue. Most materials used by artists are not suitable for consumption, and there may be more to the story. If something is somewhat hazardous, it doesn’t suddenly become safe if you don’t eat it. In some cases, simple contact with a material over time can create problems. In those cases full protection may be warranted but there is a lot of middle ground where some reasonable precaution makes sense and a passive barrier may be part of that workflow. For example, musicians who play a glass harmonica have to have their blood tested regularly due to exposure to lead in the crystal.

Even for less exotic materials, people may have their own sensitivities that do not affect everyone. And protection goes both ways, your device and paper may need to be protected from contact with the skin but on the other hand… your hand might need protection from contact with whatever you might be working with.

Multi-purpose Gloves

Do you draw your ideas on paper before transforming them into digital designs? Enticio gloves are versatile. You can begin on paper and finish on screen with the same glove.

9. Save Money

Do you draw, design or illustrate for a living or part-time income? Using an Enticio glove will help your digital device last longer, saving you money in the long run and possibly improving the quality of your work.

10. Work Faster, Work Better

With everything protected, it will be easier to work and the easier your work, the faster and more productive you will be. This can be a big advantage if you are a professional artist because how much you make is usually limited by how much you can produce. Being able to finish projects more quickly means taking on more projects, being able to manage bigger projects or perhaps have more time to spend on the projects you have. Everything gets an upgrade and you decide how you want to spend that new capability.

Enticio art gloves are designed to remove barriers to your creativity and in so doing, make your experience richer. We invite you to visit our website to learn more about our products and discover how our products might help you.

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