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The Revolution is an extremely lightweight digital artist glove that features the adjustable microfiber Whisper Strap, this design style will give your hand a loving embrace that will feel magical from the moment you slip it on. (Works with traditional media and all device vendors including Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy, Wacom, etc.).


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The Revolution is the perfect balance for people who prefer their luxury to lean toward practical styles. It works the way you work, leaving fingers free for gestures on touch surfaces such as iPad, Wacom and Microsoft Surface. This lightweight, all-fabric, washable design is constructed from Hapton™, providing an unparalleled level of Comfort and Convenience for All-Day Wear. As the World's First Fashion Instrument for Touch Surfaces, the Revolution two-finger glove provides perfect Palm Rejection, Passive Cleaning and Infinite Adjustability, thanks to the Whisper Strap for a perfect fit every time. Exclusive to the Revolution, this comfortable, microfiber suede strap is durable and soft as it wraps your wrist in a gentle embrace that seems almost magical. And just like that, it will seem to disappear as you quickly forget that it's there. Before you know it, you are working faster and getting more done! Whether you're a digital artist, graphic designer or you just use a tablet for much of your day, for unmatched Performance and Style, put the Enticio Revolution glove to work for you.

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As light as a feather, if it didn't look so beautiful, you would quickly forget that you are wearing anything at all. Hand made from Hapton fabric, the Revolution delivers an amazing, luxurious feel and a perfect fit. Preferred by professionals everywhere, this durable glove is designed to handle those long drawing sessions. The Revolution fights fatigue with the fully-adjustable microfiber Whisper strap and airflow management that isolates and dissipates heat; all this while increasing the precision and speed at which you can work. When combined with good looks and passive cleaning, the Revolution is in a class by itself.


  • Includes the fully adjustable Whisper Strap for a perfect fit
  • Works with Digital Tablets (with or without screens/stylus)
  • Superior Palm Rejection on any Touch Surface (iPad, Samsung Galaxy, etc.)
  • Ambidextrous design (on either right or left hand)
  • Consistent Surface Resistance
  • Helps prevent transfer of Dirt, Oil and Germs
  • Part of any Tech Hygiene maintenance routine
  • Handcrafted by Skilled Artisans from Premium Materials
  • Anti-fouling on Traditional Surfaces
  • Can be used with screen protectors
  • Cleans as you use it
  • Washable

Every Revolution artist glove comes with a drawstring carry bag for clean convenience.

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