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Evolution of the Palm Coaster

by Enticio Handwear on
Evolution of the Palm Coaster

Simplicity Is King

People like it when things are simple. At Enticio, simplicity is an ideal that works to inspire the kind of clean, elegant designs that we live for. So much so that even after perfecting two design styles for Enticio Handwear, we saw an opportunity to support a different kind of workflow that is more spontaneous and immediate. That would require a very different and ubiquitous type of device. And for some, this is their preferred way to work most of the time.

Challenge Everything

A glove can be a great solution that has been shown over the years to work really well, but not everyone can comfortably wear a glove and still others may simply not be ready to commit to buying and owning one. So, we dared to ask the question, “What if it didn’t have to be worn on the hand at all?” First off, it always needed to be ready for immediate use and be as forgiving as it is simple - with no wrong way to use it.

However, if there were such a thing that could provide all the benefits of wearing a glove, it would need to breathe and have the right feel under the hand - soft but strong with just the right amount of “give” so that it bends when it runs off the edge of a surface and comes back again. Even after working with industry leading equipment manufacturers, it took years to develop a way of constructing sewn seams that are soft and strong without being connected to anything... and it had to be attractive from every angle. Beyond that, the specially-selected materials grip the hand on the top and slide easily on the bottom with a fabric that will collect and clean the surface as it goes. This “gripping and slipping” is a critical feature that allows the Palm Coaster to feel great and naturally follow the hand as it moves over the surface, there has never been a touch screen accessory like it.



Simple construction and high-performance synthetics have made it possible to create a product that is easier to use and keep handy in a one-size-fits-all package. This simplicity means that you already know how to use it, and it can be priced at a fraction of what you would pay for a well-made glove, all while providing nearly all of the same benefits. Nothing works like a Palm Coaster, and for the first time, you can have something that lays flat, feels great under the hand, made of washable fabrics that you can tuck into a pocket or purse and you can always have one with you when you need it. And if you prefer, stash them everywhere so that they are handy whenever and wherever you might need one - at work, the car, kitchen, desk drawer, nightstand, etc. Affordable, handy and convenient - nothing works like a Palm Coaster and even people who already wear a glove might still like having a backup… just in case.
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