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Do You Need an Artist Glove for a Drawing Tablet?

by Enticio Handwear on
Do You Need an Artist Glove for a Drawing Tablet?

Whether you are an artist or simply enjoy drawing on your tablet, you may be wondering if you would benefit from wearing an artist glove. Most people use their tablet without ever buying a glove, but that may be changing and you should consider the benefits:

  • Increased Accuracy
  • A Cleaner Screen
  • Professional Touch

If you want to craft accurate designs that stand apart from the rest, a glove can help. The right drawing glove also keeps your screen cleaner than if you rub your hand all over it for hours at a time. Those are powerful benefits, but they are not the only ones. When you use the right drawing glove for your tablet, you add a professional touch to which you would otherwise not have access.

Increased Accuracy and Precision

Consider how the right drawing glove can impact your performance. If you don't use a drawing glove, your hand can get in the way and affect your work. You can digitally “smudge” your drawing, effectively reducing the quality of your image or spend a lot of extra time on cleanup. Also, your skin will have a tendency to adhere to the surface so dragging your hand across the screen can make you less precise as you draw.

Many professionals have found that wearing a drawing glove avoids these problems. Your drawing glove prevents unwanted interaction with the screen, reducing smudge marks (This is known as palm rejection). It also prevents your hand from sticking to the surface of your tablet, which causes other control problems. The right drawing glove improves your accuracy and makes your work look that much better.

A Clean Screen

If you want to keep your screen clean, you need to be careful with your hands. Your skin contains oils that leave unintended marks on your tablet surface. These look less than professional as it degrades the quality of your work and becomes an unnecessary distraction. In addition, greasy marks on your screen can also impact your tablet's performance. Most people that use a tablet daily have had the common problem where you tap the screen and nothing happens, so you tap it again and maybe it works this time or you still nothing. It seems random but the tablet has lost its ability to detect contact; in addition to the mess that you can see, usually there is an invisible layer of dirt and oil deposits collecting on the surface.

You must clean your screen (all the time) if you are serious about avoiding that problem. On the other hand, a drawing glove makes a bigger difference than you might think. By preventing oil and dirt from getting on your screen in the first place, you won't have to clean your tablet as often and has the benefit of incurring less wear, shortening the life of the screen. One thing is true for sure, not taking care of your devices may be convenient, but it can also cost you more than you realize.

Is a Drawing Glove Right for Me?

You are probably wondering if a drawing glove is right for you. If you want more accurate drawings, a clean screen, better performance and control, a drawing glove may be exactly what you need. Professional equipment comes with maintenance schedules that are required to keep them in top operating condition; and since a high-end drawing tablet can cost more than a laptop, it is no exception. However, your time is also valuable, so wearing a drawing glove that helps reduce any premature wear while enhancing the quality of your work makes perfect sense if you draw for a living. For the professional artist, we encourage anything you can do to keep your drawings as amazing as possible; you will be glad you did.

Getting Started

Quality is a subjective thing and no one can decide for you. However, some people prefer to begin at the bottom of the pile, looking for bargain gloves and work their way up; there is nothing wrong with this approach, aside from the hidden cost of time, money and the penalty you pay - having to overcome choosing the wrong tool for the job. But eventually, you get tired of the disappointment of having to buy yet another poorly designed, cheaply made garment, and the definition of what quality means to you will change. Enticio appeals to high-value professionals, many of whom have tried all the other gloves and are ready to demand and appreciate the unparalleled quality of Enticio products. Not everyone needs the kind of quality Enticio represents, but if you are ready to experience the highest-quality glove available, Enticio is here to give you a hand. The truth is that most gloves don't come with the quality, dependability or refinement that you have a right to expect.

If you want a glove that is redefining the meaning of what a quality artist glove can be, Enticio has you in mind from start to finish. For those serious enough to demand the best tools available, get an artist glove that is in a class by itself, it’s the best move you can make to “up your game” and take your art to a whole new level of awesome. There is no reason to wait; move up to Enticio quality. Anything less is simply beneath you.


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