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Best Editing Apps For iPad: iPad Pro Video Editing

by Enticio Handwear on
Best Editing Apps For iPad: iPad Pro Video Editing

You no longer need a lot of complicated and expensive equipment to develop professional quality videos. And while lots of people now routinely edit their videos on laptops, the iPads are often more convenient and flexible than carrying a laptop. For social media, business or personal endeavors, the iPad Pro is an appealing option for capturing, editing and uploading top-quality videos. These apps are powerful enough to produce polished content that anyone would want to watch, with the added benefit that they can be used on the go. The best editing apps for iPad let you break free of the desk and work on your projects wherever you are.


As the pre-installed iPad Pro video editing app, iMovie is a user-friendly option to get anyone started with digital video editing. The straightforward interface allows you to compile, move and cut clips. You can add basic transitions, overlays, voice overs and other audio. You can even create an engaging trailer by using the iMovie templates.


If you’re used to a desktop video editing interface, LumaFusion shouldn’t take much getting used to. It has some of the most features out of any iOS video editing app. However, it might be too complex for beginners. Easily import media from an SSD or cloud storage, layer up to 12 video and audio tracks and apply effects. This app’s standout feature is keyframing, which allows you to adjust elements without compromising other settings for a clip.


With thousands of positive ratings, Powerdirector is one of the most popular iPad Pro video editing apps. Its flexibility gives the user a great deal of control. Green screen functionality lets you add customized backgrounds and create stunning special effects. Video stabilization smooths out shaky footage.


The free version of KineMaster is powerful enough to deliver professional results. This app pulls clips from your iPad’s camera roll and lets you adjust, stack and overlap them. It works off of a primary timeline, which designates the project’s duration. Other clips can be layered over the timeline and adjusted with keyframes.

Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro is one of the most feature-rich iPad Pro video editing apps. It’s perfect if you want lots of flexibility and customization in your work. It offers chroma features, which support green screen techniques and other special effects. The developers recently added subject tracking crop, which follows the subject’s movements, keeping them within the frame.


Created by GoPro, Quik is a lot like it sounds. It allows you to piece together quick slide shows and basic movies, adding audio and filters. Its automated compilation feature quickly combines selected clips and music and is an excellent way to bring your work to life.

Many of these apps are free. Some offer in-app purchases or subscription-based upgrades. If you have ever wondered how to edit videos on iPad, you may want to play around with some of the basic options. You’ll get a sense of what you’re looking for, helping you make a decision to upgrade if necessary. The best editing apps for iPad give you freedom and flexibility in a streamlined user environment.

Final Tip

This final tip is not another app however, no matter which app you choose, a secret among the pros is that sometimes using a stylus instead of the finger gives you extra precision when you need to “grab that thing” and “move it exactly so.” This is particularly useful when working with video timelines as you don’t want your finger to cover up the thing you are moving or where you are moving it to. And there you have it!

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