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Empirium vs Revolution

by Enticio Handwear on
Empirium vs Revolution

How Do I Choose?

Both the Revolution and the Empirium provide all the benefits of Enticio Handwear including passive cleaning, palm rejection and improved precision. They also provide a protective barrier helps block the transfer of contaminants, while helping you control unwanted contact with touch surfaces.

By design, these Fashion Instruments are structurally and materially identical around the palm and fingers, however, their respective approaches for achieving engagement and fit around the wrist are a revolution (pun intended). This is no small thing since an adjustable strap at the wrist is necessary to deliver a comfortable fit that results in reduced fatigue and all-day wear. Such a wrist strap is critical for anyone who works with their hands as prolonged compression and/or constriction over time of any part of the body can have serious health consequences*, including inflammation, restricted blood flow, numbness and nerve damage.


For people who will read the last page of a book first, the Revolution gives you an all-fabric wearable instrument that features the Whisper Strap. This is an adjustable soft-loop strap in a microfiber construction that wraps the wrist and magically adheres to itself. Furthermore, it is elegant, lightweight and convenient. The Empirium features a fashion-forward couture design style that is executed with a premium leather strap and the custom-designed adjustable clasping mechanism called Black Dragon that has the look and feel of jewelry.


The Empirium with the Black Dragon clasping system is the result of years of design work, resulting in a patented, low-maintenance, magnetic system with no moving parts to snag, wear out or jam. This fashion instrument is styled in a deep black with scarlet accent seams; it is the ultimate in couture luxury, fashion and beauty. A significant design goal was to invent a clasp that would be extremely manageable, even for those of us who have difficulty manipulating clasps and snaps. And beyond eliminating any of those frustrating little finicky bits that are so common with clasps, it also had to be fast - so fast that you could remove and reset the clasp several times a day if you wanted to. And when you are not using it, the magnet will also let you hang it just about anywhere. Despite the fact that attaching the clasp is easy to do, most people will only need to adjust it once for their perfect fit.

Despite the achievement of Empirium and the Black Dragon, not everyone is interested in everything we put into a design so focused on a fashionable aesthetic. A lot of working professionals told us that they prefer something that puts a higher value on other features. So for Revolution, we made it even lighter with a lower profile by swapping out the clasp and the band for high-performing, durable synthetics. It remains luxurious and some have said that we improved it, however, the thing that makes it distinctive is a wonderful material that magically adheres to itself when stitched into the microfiber strap. And when added to the full garment, it was like a feather on the back of your hand - lightweight and completely silent. Wearing something this comfortable means that it quickly becomes invisible to the wearer and that is what we call the Whisper Strap. This strap is exclusive to the Revolution and is the perfect choice for anyone on the go, whether it be a student, a professional or anyone in-between, delivering an all-fabric Instrument that is simple, durable, lightweight and washable. It is something that anyone would be proud to own.


So, the Enticio Empirium, with its fashionable, high-style design cannot help but get noticed, whereas the Enticio Revolution exhibits a preference for the subtle approach. Where the Empirium has a solid weight and balance similar to wearing a fine watch, the Revolution is so lightweight and comfortable that it is easy to forget that you have it on. As to which one is the best choice for you, each design style has a characteristic charisma all its own. You may find that as your day progresses, your priorities and preferences change as well; there may be a place for both in your daily routine… and that’s okay.

* Constriction-related health problems are sometimes referred to as “compartment syndrome.”

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