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The Ultimate Gift

by Enticio Handwear on
The Ultimate Gift

This time of year has many of us thinking about the people in our lives that we care about. And while it is important to reflect, it is also a good warm-up for the inevitable New Year’s commitment to do better. This year is different in that for the first time, we have some new options in the season of gift-giving and Enticio products may very well be the best choice you have had in years.

At Enticio, we believe any company’s products say a lot about who they are and what they stand for and for better or worse, it’s a message that we all put a lot of effort into delivering. For us, the message is that we want you to succeed and we are invested in your success. That is what we mean when we say, “We find our success in you” because, without that, we don’t exist.

Relationships can be tricky and so can gift-giving. However, it has occurred to us that giving an Enticio product as a gift is saying many of the same things we are always trying to say - that you care about someone, you want them to find their success and that you are invested in them. Since there has never been an artist's glove of such quality and craftsmanship, giving someone a gift of Enticio may be one of the best possible ways to tell them you care, and we have broken it down here. In the spirit of fun, joy, openness, we offer this light-hearted take on our product line and the challenge of buying for someone else that you might find helpful.

Enticio Gift Cards

Gift Certificates

This is the obvious gift choice for a lot of people and Enticio offers them on our website. Not everyone is great at planning ahead, so our gift certificates are delivered virtually as emails with codes for redemption. This makes them the perfect ‘get exactly what you want’ gift or that OMG moment where you forgot someone important and are trying to fend off a panic attack. Since it’s fast and convenient, you can buy one and send it while sitting outside in your car, before going into the party; suddenly, you go from being last to first!

Palm Coasters by Enticio

Palm Coaster®

This is perhaps the most “flexible” choice available and the perfect gift. The Palm Coaster avoids the bane of shoppers everywhere as it is never the wrong size! Also, for you or anyone you know who uses a tablet or touchscreen regularly, it is a budget-minded gift between friends and coworkers and comes in a variety of vibrant colors.

Secondly, it is so lightweight (around 0.5 oz), it is very inexpensive to ship through the mail anywhere. And if you ship it, the chance of it being damaged in transit is pretty much zero as the Palm Coaster is made to be both tough and flexible. And if you don’t need to ship it, a Palm Coaster also makes a perfect “stocking stuffer” as you can do just about anything you want with it; it will literally roll up and fit a sock!

As an added bonus, Palm Coasters come in individually-packaged bundles for even more savings so that you can buy in bulk and give as a stack for that special someone you know or separate them to give individually.

If this was a holiday rom-com movie, you could take about 20 Palm Coasters and start sticking them in strange places everywhere, coat pocket, office drawer, backpack, coffee maker, kitchen cabinets, the blender, morning cereal, refrigerator, microwave, etc. Getting weird can be fun and when you’re done, you will have a stack that you can share anywhere.


Now these can be more challenging as a glove is such a personal item and of course, sizing is always the big challenge. But... getting there can be half the fun if you are so inclined, and you will get a great story out of it! In some cases, your best bet might still be a gift certificate, but only you will know if you are close enough to that special someone to get their size measurements (what could possibly go wrong). Because Enticio gloves all have fully adjustable wrist straps, our size guide only requires one measurement from the beginning of the palm to the tip of the ring finger. If you can get that, you can look up the correct size without giving away the surprise! Here are some things you can try if you have a tape measure. Use good judgement here and start with the Enticio size guide for exact measuring guidance but if you really enjoy a challenge, try them all and give yourself a score! We have given each an activity score that reflects the relative difficulty of the approach! Good Luck.

While they are Sleeping (20 points): This is perhaps the most secretive and requires the most skill. You take on the role of a spy like 007; when the person is sleeping, you should be able to measure their hand from the heel of the palm to the tip of the ring finger. If they start to wake up, just say you’re their Mother and start singing a lullaby until they drift off.

Phone Proxy (5 points): Who doesn’t have a phone these days? Take notice of how they hold their phone, particularly where the edge of the palm is and how the fingers wrap their phone. Then measure their phone when they are not looking; if you happen to have the same phone (they come in different sizes), you can measure yours.

A Cover Story (10 points): People sometimes don’t mind a little half-truth if it’s for a good reason, so you might go with that. Essentially, you tell the truth about needing a measurement and make up a story about why you need it. I will leave it up to your imagination as to what you choose to tell them, however, at least make it a good one. Don’t just pull out a tape measure and say you were measuring them for a new car; that almost never works.

The Alcohol Advantage (15 points): This should be easy if they happen to have a couple of “grown-up” egg nogs; after all, it is the holidays. Note that they do not need to be incapacitated since doing weird stuff will seem normal to them while they are still awake and open to suggestion. For example, if they are simply holding a beer bottle, notice exactly where their palm starts and their finger ends and then measure the bottle. If that doesn’t work out, just whip out the measuring tape and start measuring their hand; when they start asking you what the heck you are doing, just say that you are making sure that they don’t have Covid. If they correct you, simply agree that you might have heard that wrong. And once you have the measurement...

Empirium Artist Gloves - Enticio


This is perhaps the perfect gift for that special someone who uses a tablet regularly for work or play. The Empirium tends to appeal to people who enjoy fine watches and jewelry as they will be quite comfortable with the weight of a magnetic clasp. Also, relying on a magnetic attraction to hold the system closed, means that there are no moving parts to break or jam; in fact, it may never wear out, while holding so strongly that you could play tennis while wearing it. This patented feature, combined with premium materials and exemplary execution makes it the flagship of the lineup. Oh, and it also happens to be gorgeous!

Revolution Gloves for iPad - Enticio


While the Empirium might be a bit flashy, the Revolution is just beautiful. This design style has been extremely popular among professional artists and may represent the perfect balance of form and function. Perhaps they appreciate the all fabric design featuring the microfiber Whisper® strap. You have never seen anything like this before; it is very soft and enrobed in a microfiber suede material. The thing you notice first, however, is the weight; at less than a half an ounce, it’s light like a feather, despite the luxurious feel of the fabric. The result is a glove that embraces your hand so perfectly that you quickly forget that you are wearing anything at all.

A comparison of the Empirium and the Revolution can be found here: Empirium vs. Revolution

Guaranteed Risk-Free

You can’t go wrong if you are giving someone a gift of a world-class design and the highest quality available as it says a lot about you. And of course, Enticio’s stellar support is available, so even if you happen to get the size wrong, it will not be a problem as they will be able to exchange it to achieve their perfect fit.

So, whether the gift is for you or for someone you know, Enticio covers you both! The Ultimate Gift means you get to enjoy risk-free gift-giving at a time when we all wish everything could be this easy. Happy Holidays.


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