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Spotlight Review: Ariitoonz

by Enticio Handwear on
Spotlight Review: Ariitoonz

When my Enticio package first arrived, I was thrilled to see how beautifully packaged the products were. The Palm Coaster was packed in a sleeve and both the Revolution and the Empirium hand glove arrived in individual boxes which also contained a dust bag for the glove and an Enticio sticker. When I first unboxed my package, my initial reaction was at how well-designed the packaging was compared to hand gloves that I have bought in the past where the packaging was simply a plastic or cardboard sleeve which had no personality compared to Enticio. I value how I can still keep my gloves in the box when they aren’t in use and display them because the box looks and feels as luxurious as the product.

As a digital artist, I draw for long periods of time which is why I love to use both the Revolution and the Empirium hand glove. Both gloves are very comfortable to wear and make my drawing experience much more enjoyable. The gloves feel secure at the wrist and are designed to fit your specific hand measurements which I appreciate because usually hand gloves come as one size fits all which isn’t great because it doesn’t support your hand therefore interrupting your work flow as comfort isn’t prioritized but Enticio really takes this into consideration and thinks about the needs of the user. Not only does the glove feel comfortable to wear, it also looks elegant as well! This is great for when I am on the go and need to draw, and my Enticio hand gloves become an additional accessory to my look! After using the Empirium glove, I feel as though it really helped me create my artwork at a faster rate as it helps with comfort and by giving me better control when working on lineart in my digital drawings which I am really happy with and would recommend to fellow artists.

Kind regards, Ari

Instagram: ariitoonz

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