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Enticio Reviewed by Screamin’ Pixel

by Enticio Handwear on
Enticio Reviewed by Screamin’ Pixel

The website Screamnpixel.com created an incredible review that captures the essence of Enticio from an outsider perspective. We wanted to share some of the highlights here.

About Enticio

Enticio creates... “high-end anti-foul gloves that are made with only the best materials and with the most sophisticated looks possible, although they have also begun to branch out into other art tools similarly focused on the total experience, equally committed to appearance and usage. Of course, Enticio also knows that fashion and usage mean little if you don’t want to use the products they’re producing. That’s why their products are also made to be soft, comfy, breathable, and light. Intended to be effortless to use and beautiful to look at, Enticio is clearly dedicated to craft and customer. A rare thing to find with the bottom dollar ranking supreme for most companies, to be sure, and it makes this one stand out all the more.”

About Empirium

"Of the three items being offered right now, the Empirium is probably their most well-known and popular. It’s with good reason, too. This anti-fouling glove is their flagship model and you can tell the amount of love and attention to detail that was poured into it. The design is eye-catching without being overly loud, utilizing just the right amount of detailing to help it stand out from the pack. The main glove is a simple black, composed of Hapton™ fabric and quality leather, and features scarlet contrast stitching for a striking yet understated effect. Combined, it creates a sharp aesthetic while also offering sturdy construction that should guarantee a long lifespan. While nobody can predict the future, we definitely don’t see this glove falling apart anytime soon!"

About Revolution

"The Empirium may have been Enticio’s initial claim to fame, but it’s not their only draw anymore. Their Revolution anti-foul glove deserves just as much recognition, if not more, thanks to its incredible performance and more wallet-friendly price tag. Much like the Empirium before it, the Revolution is a well-balanced, thoughtfully designed garment that’s clearly ahead of the curve. Made with the everyday artist and consumer in mind, it straddles the line of luxury and practicality beautifully, never straying too far to one edge or the other."

About the Palm Coaster

"Unlike the gloves Enticio is so well known for, the Palm Coaster is pretty close to what it says on the tin. It’s a coaster-shaped design, a round, padded product that you can use to prevent all the gross smudging that messes up your artwork while simultaneously reducing the lifespan of your likely expensive tablet. How does it work? Rather than slipping it on your hand, you merely throw it down onto the device you’ve got and use it as a barrier between you and the screen. Essentially a furniture slider but for your hands, it is exactly what you need to guarantee no friction gets between you and your perfect masterpiece."

A Final Word

"These are the most amazing gloves and coasters available. From the quality of materials to the final fit and finish these gloves and coasters are impeccable. Once you start working with these you will soon want backups to keep handy. Personally I am a fan boy of the coaster. It's quick to toss down on your surface and compliments my working and illustrating style."

Thanks so much Scream'n Pixel!

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