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Spotlight Review: Brad Woodard

by Enticio Handwear on
Spotlight Review: Brad Woodard
First Impression: 
I'm impressed with the quality. Honestly, I really like the Palm Coaster.
Doesn't change up my finger tap/swipe functions I am used to.
Initial Review:

As a professional illustrator who loves drawing on the iPad Pro, I noticed I spent a lot of time cleaning up errant marks from my pinky or palm. So I picked up a cheap glove on Amazon to help with it, but it only came in one size and it wasn't comfortable to wear.

Honestly though, I gave up on gloves until I tried on Enticio's fitted Empirium and Revolution gloves. They are very well made and super comfortable.

As amazing as the gloves are, the Palm Coaster is what I love to use the most. It's a super simple solution, but works best for my workflow.

In Use: Digital Artist Glove:

Yes, it's true - I do feel more powerful when I wear this glove. But more importantly, it helps my hand glide smoothly across my iPad Pro surface so that it doesn't get sticky. It also keeps my pinky and my palm from making unwanted marks on my screen, which happens all the time. 

I've tried on other digital art gloves, and they just never quite fit right or they were just too cheaply made that it wasn't worth wearing them. 

But not Enticio. They use quality materials, they're really good looking gloves, and they're really comfortable because they have a Perfect Fit sizing guide that you can use to make sure it fits your hand just perfect. 

In Use: Palm Coaster:

Now if you're not really a glove person and you don't want to wear anything, Enticio also does have a Palm Coaster, which is a great option for you as it does all the same things - you just place your hand on it and get drawing. 

Looking for Procreate illustration tips? Check out his YouTube channel!

Don't miss this featured video on YouTube, where he discusses how he uses his Enticio digital art glove and Palm Coaster.

Facebook: Bradley Woodard
YouTube: Brave the Woods 


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