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Why Hapton™ Fabric Matters

by Enticio Handwear on
Why Hapton™ Fabric Matters

The worldwide market for fabrics is mind boggling in that you can find a fabric that will do, just about anything. But for Enticio, we found that we had to “swipe left” on almost all of them, finding most of them to be a definite “no” for an artist glove of quality and distinction.

What is Hapton™?

We get asked from time to time about Hapton - what it is and how it affects and reflects, the overall quality of our artist gloves. We will answer a question with a question by asking, if you are making a glove that is primarily made from fabric, how do you not spend an extraordinary amount of time obsessing over every little detail about one of the most important material components?

The Hapton name is synonymous with the rigorous process we developed for testing and grading materials for performance and fit for purpose specifically targeting suitability of an elegant, yet functional - artist glove. We started with a very short list because of our dedication to Enticio quality; it had to work well, look great and feel fantastic. It was puzzling that we could not find anything made with unicorn hair; it’s not as if they don’t shed when brushed. It took about two years, but we developed a quality matrix of nearly fifteen different measurements that feed into a proprietary scoring system that includes things that defy quantitative analysis like esthetics and quality. Yes, I used ‘quantitative’ and ‘unicorn’ in the same paragraph.

Creating a quality glove is a complex matter and sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact on the usability of the final product. You don’t notice at first, but as you live and work with it, you begin to notice the little things that will make you smile.

Black Hapton Fabric

The Hapton™ Look, Feel and Stretch

At the top of our list is the look of the fabric; it is the first part of the experience as you will see it… even before you touch it, but you will want to.

Next, is the feel, that tactile sensation of something against your skin is perhaps the most important sensation of all. The depth and sheen are not enough; it has to feel luxurious and seductive against the skin.

Following right behind the feel is the stretch; many materials will stretch differently depending on which direction they are pulled, we specifically looked for a material that gives us the ability to have the right amount of stretch in one direction for fit and in a secondary direction for stability and strength.

Sub-components of stretch analysis include fabric weave and material thickness. The weave controls the thermal properties and the Palm Rejection quotient of the fabric; this matters because when material stretches, it gets thinner, and that compromises those inherent properties. Stretch it too much and you lose palm rejection at the surface and the ability to shield the hand from heat, contaminant transfer and other problems. Most materials either stretch too much or not enough and then there is the ability to hold a seam that is both durable and beautiful. The seams are the unsung heroes of construction as they tend to do the most work but are expected to look fabulous. It is something that no one talks about but everyone notices; we mention it here because seam strength, stretch and presentation are part of the Hapton quality matrix.

Breathability and Temperature Control

Now, if you want to reduce moisture, you need to control temperature, and for that you need a certain amount of air space and the right kind of fabric weave for breathability; that trapped air also contributes to thermal isolation as touch surfaces with screens start heating up after only a few minutes. Like any well-tailored garment, the fabric needs to not restrict your natural movement - to be loose enough on the hand to move against and away from the skin as you cup and extend your fingers in positions to control a stylus, pastel or chalk. This creates air movement, similar to a bellows. Air exchange and isolation are also critical for keeping your hand cool; a cool hand is comfortable, sweats less and collects less dirt. These are just a few of the quality criteria used to identify the perfect material. You get the idea.

To summarize, Enticio products are made from Hapton™ fabric. It's the result of years of research and testing to identify the perfect material from which to make the perfect artist glove. We understand that being the very best takes time and it takes commitment to produce something worth being proud of. And we are proud to be able to offer it to you because Art matters and your best deserves our best.

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