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Palm Coaster

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Palm Coaster

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Leave Nothing Behind But Your Thoughts and Ideas.®

The Palm Coaster is the perfect accessory for any device with a touch surface. Carried in a pocket or purse, the Palm Coaster will always be ready when you are so keep one handy wherever you might use a touch device. Just rest your hand on it and with a slight push, it glides easily, helping keep the screen clean and your device working like new! (Works with all device vendors including Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy, Wacom, etc.)

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    Product Details

    Professional digital artists and illustrators love this accessory that delivers all of the same benefits of wearing a glove! Like a mousepad for your hand, the Palm Coaster is particularly good for dynamic workflows, where you need to grab it and go. Available in five colors, Palm Coasters are elegant, durable, comfortable and care-free to own and use - the perfect solution for someone who needs another option. And as the ultimate low-maintenance accessory, they are always ready when you are - to go whenever the inspiration strikes you.


    • Soft comfortable padding that is durable
    • Comes in five vibrant colors (Moss, Ruby, Turquoise, Raspberry, Sunflower)
    • Grippy & Slippy (Microfiber suede on top with color on the bottom)
    • Works with any touch surface (iPad, Surface, Galaxy Tab, etc.)
    • Works with lightboxes, photographic and film work
    • Works with traditional surfaces (sketch and tracing paper, vellum, etc.)
    • Superior palm rejection
    • There is no wrong size
    • Cleans your screen as you use it
    • Convenient and Simple to Use
    • Consistent and Smooth Surface Resistance
    • Prevents transfer of dirt, oil and germs
    • Part of any tech hygiene maintenance routine
    • Skillfully Hand Crafted from Premium Materials by skilled artisans
    • Washable

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